Many times a question arises that how often should men get a haircut? Well, it depends on the kind of style and cut you’re getting. Most men like to get their haircut in which they feel clean, stylish, fresh, and confident after they leave the barbershop. Sadly, not all men can have the money to have a new haircut every week.

To save you guys money and time, here’s our detailed guide, which will help you decide how often men should get a haircut. Also, it will tell you how long a man should wait in between haircuts and when to visit the barber!

How Fast Does Men’s Hair Grow?

On average, hair grows around 4 to 6 inches per year for both women and men. However, genetics are usually to blame for your exact rate of hair growth. Many men’s hair tends to grow much thicker and quicker than others.

Additionally, men also tend to get their hair cut way more often than women. As you’ll see, a lush hairstyle is much faster than a shorter haircut. Some people also grow hair at a slower rate depending on their race. For example, African Americans grow their hair slower than Asians. These aspects can make it hard to know how frequently to cut men’s hair.

Signs That It Is Time To Get A Haircut

You’re Getting Annoyed Of Taming It Every Morning

Mornings are tough enough as it is. Therefore, struggling with your hair to keep them straight in the morning is a hassle. No one wants this hassle while getting ready in a hurry for work. And if you’re bombing it with lots of product every morning to settle it in the place, or it needs maintenance all day. It might be the right time to settle it once and for all.

Your Are Noticing Signs Of Wear

This sign is for all the chemicals and color-treated guys out there—the dudes who have hair that has gone through some shit. For example, heat, chemicals, and other elements have changed them completely. They want to make it the way they were years ago. To those dudes, we say: Give it up. Trim it off. Let them grow back new and fresh. Because sometimes, the only way to move along is to begin from scrape.

Tips For Making Your Haircut Last Longer

Don’t Go For Harsh Haircuts

If you get a harsh haircut, it will be hard for it to grow nicely. Therefore, if you want your hair to last a few extra days, let your hairline be more natural. The prime reason celebrities always appear nice is they keep hairlines, necklines, blends, and the surrounding of the ears looking very natural all the time. It means it’s not as visible if the hair grows out.

Trim Your Sideburns

You can trim your sideburns at home. The primary step of your DIY clean-up would need you to trim up the lowest edge of your sideburn through a trimmer. You need to make sure that it’s straight. Also, It is at length to the center of your ear.

Then, comb the hair of the sideburns towards your face. Now, trim the overgrown hair with the help of scissors. Repeat this procedure. This time, comb your sideburn hair towards your ear and then redo the same practice on the other sideburn.

Trim Your Neckline

Trimming your neckline is a little tricky to do by yourself. Hence, if feasible, ask a loved one or friend to do it for you. If there is no one to help you, then stand in front of a mirror, take your mirror in one hand and your trimmer in the other. In this way, you can see the back of your neck in the mirror in front of you. Now, take your trimmer in upward spasms till it meets the hairline shaped by your barber.

Style Your Hair With Wax

The best thing to control your messy hair is hair wax—particularly the ones with a matte and stronghold finish.

  • For using the hair wax, ladle out a coin-sized quantity of hair wax.
  • Then, rub through your palms to spread it evenly.
  • Now, move your hands through wet hair to shape it as you want.

Also, any too thick product, like hair gels and creams, is suitable for moisturizing. However, it may bring down your hair in a few hours. Though, hair wax works the best in styling your hair with not much effort. Moreover, it adds volume to it.


Thus, there’s no widespread answer to how frequently men should have their haircuts. Everything relies on what your purpose is or what style you want to achieve. Also, it depends on what type of hair you have. You might want to talk with a barber to know a solution that will work best for you. Finally, you may require hair products that will let you get through the awful levels of the haircut. Besides, the product you choose largely depends on the kind and layout of your hair.

Keep in mind that what works for someone else doesn’t certainly mean it will work for you too. The prime reason for this is you may have a different hair structure. Therefore, wisely decide on getting a haircut or using any hair product according to your hair type and style.